Water Supply Renewals
And Installations

In all cases, our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

The team at Impact Utilities have over 30 years of experience in renewing and installing water supplies, with over 50,000 properties replace to date. Whether its a single property replacement to a huge housing estate renewal, we’ve got you covered.

A water supply normally needs to be renewed to bypass an old leaking pipe to achieve greater flow and pressure in the property or to simply stop drinking from an old, toxic lead pipe. 

Water Main Repair Installation
Renewals and Installations

The teams at Impact Utilities can replace your water supply using the latest in trenchless technology, so only a few small excavations are needed to renew or install your pipes. Once we are done, all of the excavations are put back by our specialist reinstaters and in most cases, you’d never know we’ve been!

Once complete, our office will send out a WIAPS certification for you to show your Local Water Authority (LWA) that the work was carried out by a professional installer and meets all water regulations.

Renewals and Installations