Trenchless Technology

In all cases, our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

At Impact Utilities we use two types of trenchless technology to install pipes and ducting

Moling / Thrust Boring

Firstly we have a thrust bore, better known as a mole, this method is ideal for small, domestic replacement/installations and a minimal size excavation is needed. Our moles range in sizes from 45mm to 145mm meaning we can install pipes from 20mm diameter to 125mm using this trenchless method. We can mole up to 20m in a single shot, ground depending.

Directional Drilling (HDD)

Directional Drilling (HDD) uses our small 4x drilling rig capable of drilling up to 100m in a single drill, installing up to 125mm pipes and ducts. There is a trackable sonde in the head of the drill meaning we can pinpoint locate where the drill head is, the angle it is facing and the depth it is. Moling can only go in straight lines, whereas directional drilling is directional! We can steer the drill through the ground under roads, car parks, streams and rivers!