Impact Moling for
all utilities

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Impact Moling for all utilities.


Unless there is a specific need for directional drilling or open cut trenching, Impact Utilities usually employ a method to replace or install your services called Impact Moling.


The impact mole is one of the original and simplest of the trenchless technologies and was developed for the installation of small diameter pipes in compressible soils over short distances. Assuming the pre-installation study has been assessed correctly, the installation of a product pipe using an impact mole is relatively simple and straightforward.

Impact moling is frequently used to install gas and water service pipes to proprieties from an access chamber or excavation in a highway for instance thus making road crossing, for instance, possible without digging a trench across the road. Cables can also be installed in this manner with or without ducting, although the provision of a duct is generally regarded as a safer method of cable installation and protection.