Horizontal Directional

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What is horizontal directional drilling?

Horizontal Directional Drilling is an efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective solution to installing underground services, of all kinds.

The operator can ‘steer’ the drill horizontally through the ground, from above, and track it using a specialist tracing unit. The drill will cut a smooth bore hole through the soil between the pre-determined locations and at the minimum depth required for that particular service without the need for open cut trenching.

The head is then changed for a reaming head and the hole is enlarged by reversing the drill and pulling in the service pipe or duct at the same time. Pipe or duct sizes range from 25mm to 125mm and up to 100m can be drilled in a single shot, or up to 10m deep, dependent upon ground conditions.

What are the benefits of HDD?

By utilising a directional drill you are significantly reducing the environmental impact of the works, our 4X machine is lightweight and has a small footprint.

There is no need to open trench or have several excavations, which reduces the mess at the site and the amount of the spoils which would be designated as waste.
Sensitive areas, wildlife habitats, sites of special scientific interest, listed properties, conservation areas can all benefit from the above, when services are required from directional drilling.

Surfaces that you don’t wish to disturb can remain intact.
100M plus can be installed in a day dependent upon ground conditions, making jobs quicker and reducing inconvenience.

Who uses directional drilling as a solution?

This trenchless method is ideal for the installation of water pipes, gas pipes, power & data cables, pumped sewer lines, oil lines, fibre ducting and ducting for all other services.

Anyone who needs to install services under all kinds of roadways, cycle tracks, footpaths, railways, water courses, ditches, streams, existing structures, congested areas, specialist surfaces, environmentally sensitive areas, terraced housing, golf courses, football grounds, tennis courts, car parks …… the list is endless