Water Main

In all cases, our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

Your existing water pipe may be old cast iron, lead, brittle alkathene or in some cases copper laid directly in the ground. You could have poor pressure, may have a leak or just feel you want to upgrade your pipe to a new 25mm or 32mm MDPE blue pipe. Sometimes when having a new boiler fitted or a mega flow system, your plumber may recommend that your incoming main is upgraded, to increase the flow or pressure. Occasionally the Local Water Authority (LWA) will locate a leak on your property due to excessive usage and issue you with a 30 day notice to repair the leak
In most cases Impact Utilities Limited will install your new water main utilising a method called Impact Moling. After searching for any other hidden services, our engineers will open two or more excavations.

Domestic Water Main Impact Utilities Tap Fitting
Domestic Water Main Impact Utilities

We’ll first lay heavy duty plastic adjacent to any excavations and the spoils from those excavations are placed onto this plastic, in order to reduce mess. The team leader will then send the mole between these two excavations which will displace the soil and create a smooth bore hole, the mole is then reversed, pulling in the new water main in the process.
This process minimises disruption, is environmentally friendly and reduces costs associated with open cut trenching.
Impact Utilities will then issue a WIAPS certificate (Water Safe), to confirm that the works comply with the water regulations, a copy of which is sent to your LWA who will then schedule in to come and make their connection.

Repairs & Leak Detection
Sometimes a leak can be obvious and water shows above ground but often it’s impossible to know where the leak is without further investigation.
Often there has to be a reason why the leak occurred in the first place, it may be corrosion through age, ground movement, it could be a physical impact that has occurred recently or even a while ago, it could even be a faulty fitting. In our experience, once a pipe starts to leak it usually ends up needing replacement however if our customer wants a repair we will usually set about detecting the leak.
Impact Utilities use a variety of methods to detect leaks, however there is simply no substitute for experience.