What is Moling? Impact Utilities uses an expert method of installing your new water main replacement which has minimal disruption to the surface or to the environment.

Moling is a trenchless method used to lay pipes and ducting. During the moling process, a pneumatically-driven machine known as a mole forces its way through the soil along the desired path of the pipe. The mole displaces the soil and creates a cavity for the new service to be installed into. Moling avoids the need to dig a trench and can be used to lay water pipes and the heating coils of heat pump systems.

The standard approach to moling is to open an excavation of about 600mm square and to 750mm deep. Such a hole is small enough that it can be dug by hand instead of by machine in limited access locations. The mole is then entered into the soil at the bottom of the launch pit. Once the mole has passed through the earth the pipe can be pulled through the new horizontal hole. You can feel safe with Impact Utilities carrying out these works as we are CHAS & SMAS accredited. 

Moles come in all sizes and are able to install services from 20mm to 150mm.


The advantages of using moling for you as a householder, house owner, landlord or company for the installation of your underground water main, power, gas or ducting are many fold. Firstly moling is more cost effective than traditional open cut trenching methods. The reason for this is that moling takes less time to complete, generates fewer spoils and uses fewer reinstatement materials. This is also the reason why moling is the greenest solution for environmentally and ecologically aware people and companies. There is very little disruption to wildlife or habitats as the minimal amount of excavations are utilised to install your lead pipe replacement or new water main.

Moling also reduces other forms of socially unacceptable issues like the noise associated with breakers and excavators working all day to open a trench, it has the minimal disruption to your and your neighbour’s property.


In addition to our moling technologies, Impact Utilities also carry out ground works, lead pipe replacements and water main renewals. We install ducting for gas, power or data as well as drainage solutions. Our team has over 35 years of experience and all the necessary qualifications to ensure your services are installed with precision, on time and at a cost that you will find agreeable.

Recently moles that are steerable have been developed allowing an operator to correct the track of the mole and to achieve curved bores, this is called Directional Drilling or Directional Boring. Impact Utilities have a special, small foot print drilling machine called the 4X which is capable of drilling up to 100M of pipework in a single shot between two excavations, dependent upon ground conditions. Our rig is designed to fit into smaller environments or limited access properties and greatly reduces the disruption involved with open cut trenching.


With all the experience and qualifications necessary to carry out all of your essential underground services and ground works installations, Impact Utilities are ideally placed to provide the complete solution to all your problems. We are WIAPS & APLus approved, carry £10M of Public Liability insurance and our vehicles are fully equipped to complete our obligations. Our team are here to offer free advice and free quotations and we pride ourselves that customer satisfaction is our number one priority, you can see this by our Trust Pilot reviews. We work in Essex, London, Kent, Hertfordshire and all around the UK. To get a free quotation you can call our Freephone number 0800 954 9121 or fill in our free, no obligation quote request form here