Are you looking for expert lead water pipe replacement in Essex?

Are you looking for expert lead water pipe replacement in Essex? You have found the right company. Impact Utilities have an excellent track record for replacing lead water pipes and our team of professionals have been replacing lead water pipes since 1982. We can supply and install a new MDPE blue poly pipe from your boundary box, external stop valve or meter position to a new internal stop valve giving you clean, fresh and untainted water. Impact Utilities are Water Safe registered which means that all our works comply with the water regulation water supply regulations 1999 and that we are able to issue a certificate for our works that will be accepted by your local water authority as evidence that all water regulations were adhered to. Our customers trust us to deliver a prompt and cost effective solution to their lead water pipe problem and you can check this for yourself by viewing our Trustpilot reviews.

At Impact Utilities we consider one of our specialities is lead water pipe replacement and we are the cheapest and most qualified provider in Essex. We also cover Kent, Suffolk & Hertfordshire and other areas. We pride ourselves on being tidy and efficient and in many cases you will never know we have been there. Impact Utilities have all the equipment, experience and knowledge to successfully replace your lead water pipe with minimal disruption to your property and your day. Impact Utilities guarantee our works for 25 years from the date of installation.

Who is responsible for replacing my lead pipe?

It is estimated that 6 million properties in the UK still have lead water pipes somewhere on or in their property. The local water authority is responsible to replace the part that’s on the public side but the house owner is responsible for replacing the lead water pipes from the boundary onwards. At Impact Utilities we will ensure that your lead water pipe is replaced correctly and complete from the outside stop cock to a new inside stop cock. We will issue you a WIAPS certificate which will prove to your local water authority that the works undertaken adhere to the water regulations and are providing safe, clean, drinking water.

How do I know if I have a lead pipe?

Although lead has been banned in plumbing for more than 25 years in the UK, it can still be found in many homes, particularly those that were built prior to 1970 and more modern homes, where plumbers may have used lead solder for jointing copper pipes. Lead pipes are dull grey in colour and soft. You can test them by scraping the surface gently with a coin; if scraping reveals shiny, silver-coloured metal, your pipes are likely to be made of lead.

What are the dangers of lead water pipe?

In the past, lead was widely used for everything from plumbing to electronics. It is now known that over time, exposure to lead can affect health, with the greatest risk being to children under six and to pregnant women. As a result, the Government has banned the use of lead in many products, and it has not been used for water pipes since 1970. The Government also advises that we should minimise our exposure to lead from all sources, including drinking water. Clean water is essential for healthy living and Impact Utilities can help you achieve this goal by replacing your incoming lead water pipes for a new, safe and clean MDPE blue poly pipe.

What should I do now?

Contact our friendly team on 0800 954 9121 where we will be happy to give free advice and a free quotation to replace your lead water pipes or request an online quotation. Impact Utilities do not employ salesman so there is no hard sell process, we provide free expert advice and a free quotation with a price matching guarantee. Impact Utilities are fully insured and fully qualified to replace your lead water pipes with little disruption and at a price to suit you, we accept all major credit and debit cards and issue a certificate once the works are completed. Being both WIAPS and APlus approved means you can have peace of mind that our works are of the same standard as your own local water authority.