Are You Searching For Experts In Impact Moling?

Looking for a company to carry out expert impact moling?

Moling is a trenchless method used to lay pipes which usually involves the use of a pneumatic drill. Since it avoids digging a trench, it can be used to lay water pipes and heating coils.

One of the simplest of the trenchless technologies, it was developed for the installation of small diameter pipes in compressible soils over shorter distances.

This technique offers many benefits, including the fact it’s more affordable and cost-effective than many other traditional methods. It involves minimal and no excavation beyond necessary launch pits or termination points for the installed service

Impact moling causes minimal disruption to the surrounding area or property, making it more environmentally and socially beneficial.

Impact moling is often used to install gas or water service pipes. This is done from an access chamber or excavation in a highway, thus making a road crossing possible without digging a trench across the road, making it more convenient.

Impact Utilities Limited regularly carry out impact moling in Essex and the surrounding locations.

Beforehand, we will also carry out a site survey before moling to assess whether there are any existing underground services and to check the site is suitable.

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