Our Services

Water Main Replacement

In most cases we will excavate a single launch pit near to where the service connects to the main and an exit pit close to the property or where we need to make the connection. Our mole will then pass underground between the two excavations creating a pipe shaped channel. Then we connect a draw wire to the suitable poly pipe and pull the new pipe back through the channel. We’ll then make all the necessary connections, test the installation and reinstate the excavations to utility and local authority standards.

On larger works we can utilise pipe bursting equipment, replacing whole sections of main at a time.

Water Main Repair

We will locate the area of the leak by utilising leak detection equipment, trial holes or good old fashioned experience. We will then excavate around the leak, carry out the necessary repair and reinstate all works to utility and local authority standards.

Lead Pipe Replacement

Usually we will follow a similar process to the Water Main Replacement, the only difference being that we will usually install some internal pipework as well, replacing any internal lead pipes that you may have.

Leak Detection & Repair

Utilising leading edge technologies we can locate the area leaking swiftly and then recommend and carry out the best method of repair.

Underground Ducting

You may need power or water onto an outbuilding like a stables or a garden office, it may be ducting for electric gates or garden lights or CCTV cables, whatever your requirements we can install underground ducting of various different sizes, either leaving a draw wire for you to use or installing your service in the process. This all takes place with the minimum disruption to the environment.

General Ground Works

Having all the plant, equipment and experience to undertake ground works, Impact Utilities are able to install or repair drainage, foundations, trial excavations and a variety of landscaping works.

Emergency Call Out

When our office closes, our phones are switched over to our 24 hour emergency service, the operators will take details from you and get one of our standby engineers to call you back, at the next available opportunity If you do need to call out the engineer, then he will explain our call out charges to you BEFORE he accepts your order.